About us

F. Laginha & Irmão

We are a portuguese company of fine jewellery, based and founded in Algarve in 1944 by Fernando Laginha and his brother António Laginha. Quality, accuracy and craftsmanship are the characteristics that define us, and you will find this in all our fine jewellery pieces. Browse through our online store and you will have access to the best gemstones and refined gold alloys.


Located in the center of Loulé, an Algarve city known for its strong traditions of trade, the company has been in operation for almost 80 years now. All these years of expertise as well as profissional training serve as a standard for the constant quality control of the jewels and gemstones that we sell. Currently we are dedicated and committed to provide a personalised, quality service, which meets the expectations and requirements of each client.


F. Laginha & Irmão is registered in INCM-Official Assay Offices, with the titles: T2040 / T2044 / T3072 - CAE main: 47770-R3 CAE secondary: 47910-R3